By:  Ernie Wren

One of the many aspects I enjoy about the Copper Kettle is visiting with owners Cindy & Dan Downing. They are both very friendly and were excited to help me with making some healthy meal combinations. My selection for a Friday lunch was breakfast food, which I also appreciate being able to enjoy throughout the day.  I was able to put together a delicious omelet, which was fun with input from Cindy and my wife Danna.  Dan also offered to cut up a fresh cantaloupe to replace the usual hashbrowns. I also enjoyed wheat toast with “Miller’s” Reduced Sugar Blackberry Conserves”. Along with a perfect cup of coffee and glass of water, this was a perfect meal for me in my quest for good health. By the end of the lunch, I was quite satisfied, full, and ready to unbuckle my belt (which I am told is not proper etiquette in public, so I did not). But at least I can report that this week I have shortened up my belt a notch, thanks in part to the healthy options local restaurants such as Copper Kettle have on their menu. Located at 508 E. Liberty Lane in Ashland, pop in and have a great meal and chat!