Eleven years in the making, East Ashland Plaza is to gain its first Board of Alderman plat approval Tuesday, October 6. Closest to Highway 63, Break Time gas station will open a second location on the North corner of the new Route Y and Industrial Drive roundabout. Making the fifth gas station and convenience store off of the main corridor to Ashland.

The City of Ashland has been developing the groundwork for growth over the last decade.

“There is a pipeline of development that has been created for many years, and how we are going to move forward in Ashland and in the area of commercial development. Without the sewer, we couldn’t have development at the pace we are seeing right now, our previous Boards and Mayor could see our need and the fact that in 2009, a preliminary plat for East Ashland Plaza and that commercial is now beginning to bear fruit,” said City Administrator Tony St. Romaine.

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By Carson Blake