This past week has witnessed an explosion in numbers of people being tested positive for Covid-19, from Governor Parson and his wife, to United States President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.  Outside of politics a number of athletes have also tested positive, such as New England Patriot’s Quarterback Cam Newton.  Regardless of efforts taken, level of wealth, geography or other demographics, the Covid-19 virus has found a way to continue its spread on a global level.  My wife Danna and I also tested positive recently, and I asked her to provide an account of our experiences, and what we were able to do to help fight the symptoms of Covid-19.  Her is her account. 

It all started with a simple text from a family member on September 24th saying they were having symptoms and going to get tested.  We had hosted the family member at our house the previous weekend, and being family, while we did maintain social distance, we didn’t wear masks in our home.  Uh oh.

We immediately started talking about the “what ifs”, but it didn’t seem like it really would hit us.  Regardless, Ernie and I isolated ourselves on the chance that it would. Ernie had a slight cough on that Thursday night, and we arranged to have a video Dr. visit the next day to order testing.  The Dr. confirmed what we already knew: we needed to be tested.

Driving up to the Mizzou North testing center, we were in a line of about 5 cars.  A heavily gowned nurse asked us the requisite questions, then pulled out an 8-inch swab from a tube.  “Put your car in park, then just lean your head back”, she said.  She commenced to put the swabs all the way in our right nostrils, effectively tickling our brains, which stings and makes your eyes water.  

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By Ernie and Danna Wren