By: Travis Naughton

After the Southern Boone School Board met on September 23rd and voted 4-3 to rescind a masking requirement in school buildings that reach a pre-determined threshold of active Covid cases and/or quarantines, a firestorm of public reaction ensued. Parents, teachers, and board members shared their opinions with the Journal.

Brad Bartow, a parent with children who attend SoBoCo schools, participated in the anti-mask mandate protest and spoke at the recent school board meeting. “I’m all for keeping our children safe, and the current CDC numbers prove, statistically, that our children are, in fact, largely safe when it comes to this virus. However, I wholeheartedly respect anyone’s right to wear a mask anytime they want, without reprisal. Ultimately, I’d like to see a more transparent school administration, one where the parents play a larger role in the decisions that affect them and their children, regardless of each parent’s opinions or political preference. Every parent knows what’s best for their own kid, and I look forward to ensuring that we all get more of an opportunity to project these thoughts on those who work tirelessly on making those decisions.”

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