By Travis Naughton

Artist Jenny McGee describes her paintings as “a body of autobiographical, figural work that celebrates some of the great mysteries of human life and faith: imperfection as perfection, vulnerability as strength, and brokenness as wholeness.” McGee believes that inspiration can come from life experiences, memories, and emotions. “It is all about following those nudges and gut feelings that pop up and say, ‘You just gotta do this!’ That’s when I know the inspiration is coming from a deeper place of connection with the divine.”

When Jenny McGee was in elementary school, she told her parents that she wanted to be an artist or a veterinarian. “Art is what came easiest to me,” she said. “I had the most fun doing it, so I decided to pursue fine art and graphic design in college.” McGee said she knew by the age of 24 that she wanted to make art her career. “I often tell people to get a business degree and a minor in their art of choice,” she added. “It’s important (for a professional artist) to have both of those skills.”

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