Rural Citizens:

   We only have a couple of weeks to correct the federal database, or we will miss out on the chance to finally get internet in rural SOBOCO.

  We need the community’s support to get this done, or we will continue without real internet.  Please get the word out.  Help your neighbors and make sure every home knows.

Our homes have incorrect information in the FCC database.  They are giving us a chance to fix it until Jan 13.

  Getting grant money will not guarantee what provider we get, but without the grant money, we are guaranteed to not get a provider at all.

  Please visit the MO DED broadband site, the FCC broadband site, or join the Fiber Internet for Southern Boone County for instructions on viewing your home and correcting the information.


  Billions of dollars in infrastructure money for broadband are being dispersed from the federal government.  The goal is for every household to have access to at least 100×20 internet access.  The MO Department of Economic Development (DED) is tasked with deciding how to spend that money and identifying how much more they need.

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