By: Ernie Wren

Judging by various social media sites, the biggest news last week was the filing for school board by former Southern Boone School District Superintendent Chris Felmlee.  Currently, the complete list of local school, city and fire district candidates are:

School board – Amy M. Begemann, Melissa Karotka, April Georgetti, Christopher Felmlee, Karen Kraus Bill, Mason Neff, and Richard Martin.  There are three vacancies available.

City council – Loren Plank-Ward One, Nathan Volkart-Ward One, Stephanie Bell-Ward Two, and David Wilson-Ward Three

Southern Boone Fire District – Corey Sapp

Elections will take place on the 4th of April of 2023.  Interviews with the candidates and highlights of their platforms will be featured in future editions of the Journal.

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