By:  Ernie Wren

  Normally filing by a single person for the school board election does not merit a specific article, but when that person is a popular and controversial former school board superintendent, it is a newsworthy event.  Former Southern Boone School District Superintendent Christopher (Chris) Felmlee lit up social media and local conversations when he filed for one of three school board seats which are up for election in April of 2023.  While the seats for current school board members Amy Begemann, Tiffany Clevenger, and Dawn Sapp are up for election, only Amy Begemann has chosen to run for re-election.  At press time, seven candidates in total have filed:  Amy Begemann, Melissa Karotka, Apri Georgetti, Christopher Felmlee, Karen Kraus Bill, Mason Neff, and Richard Martin.  The Boone County Journal will print in-depth interviews on all candidates in the near future.

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