Statement from: Ashland Police Department

Updated with photo. Also it should be noted, this isn’t a complete surprise. The Department of Conservation has been working to restore the bear population in the state. Hunting season will be open this fall. Early this morning (Thursday 6/10/21), we received several reports of bear sightings in Ashland. An officer also observed the bear. See the attached “self pawtrait” found in town. We’re not sure, but we think it’s “pawsible” he could be trying to register early for classes at Ranken Technical College. Since they’re not yet operational in town, the bear could hang around and might have friends join him. Whatever the case may be, be on the lookout. Keep your food stored securely, and consider keeping your refuse secured as well (roll carts alone aren’t secure). Make sure your grills are cleaned and consider storing them securely as well. Of course keep a close eye on pets and livestock, and ensure your home is properly secured at all times. Finally, report any sightings to Boone County Joint Communications by calling 311. We are contemplating forming a volunteer citizen reconnaissance group for spotting these bears…we will call them “cub scouts.

” We can “bearly” believe we’re making this post, but despite the puns, this is no joke!

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