By: Travis Naughton

Tony St. Romaine, Ashland’s City Administrator since August 2019, will resign his position as soon as the process of hiring a qualified, full-time administrator is completed. St. Romaine, who retired in 2016 after working for the City of Columbia for 32 years, initially took the administrator job in Ashland on a part-time, interim basis, but was offered a continuing role a few months later. St. Romaine said it was, “a position I gladly accepted.” “The City needs a full-time administrator who can continue implementing the roadmap we have established,” St. Romaine told the Journal. “I have committed to stay until (the hiring) process is completed, and anticipate that we can have someone on board and ready to take the helm in the next three to four months. If I am needed in a consulting role to work on any specific projects that are already underway, I would be glad to assist.” There are quite a few projects currently underway that St. Romaine and the City are working to complete including the Lakeside Ashland development, the roundabout at Broadway and Henry Clay, and bringing “a major distribution facility” to Cartwright Technology and Industrial Park.(Photo By: Andrew Worrall)

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