Dale Long Athletic/Activities

You may have already heard, whether from someone at Scoreboard Media or through social media or somewhere else, but we’re very excited about the opportunity to bring new LED scoreboards and video boards to the high school stadium and varsity gym. These will be great upgrades to our facilities and our athletic programs and will make the games more fun and exciting for our teams and fans. Also, because they’ll be operated by our students, they will be great learning tools for our students interested in media and technology. Last but definitely not least, they offer businesses in the community the opportunity to market to our awesome and loyal fan-base. As a sponsor, your brand will be recognized throughout the game, including in a “Thank Our Sponsors!” video, where we encourage our fans to support the businesses that support us! We hope that you’ll consider becoming a sponsor. It’s not just goodwill, it’s great business! I’ve copied Charlie Megan, President of Scoreboard Media on this email. He will make himself available to answer any questions about the different media options, pricing and anything else. Please feel free to reach out directly to him and copy me if you like, or reply directly to me and I’ll help you however I can. Thanks so much for your consideration and support. Happy Holidays to you and your family,