By: Ernie Wren

The big event this past week was the unexpected “snow storm” of two inches, which hit within a short timeframe early Thursday morning.  The snowfall appeared to be squeezed in primarily between Columbia and Jefferson City, with the highest accumulation in the Ashland area.  I happened to be up and driving to Holts Summit at 6:30am, and it took me 40 plus minutes to get to the Jefferson City exit, where I then turned around and came back home.  I was amazed at the number of ditched vehicles along the way.  The snowfall was unexpected, and the road crews were not out Highway 63 until a bit later (by my observation), but it still indicates that some drivers just don’t always know how to drive in winter weather, particularly for the first snowfall.  While MoDOT may have gotten off to a late start Thursday morning due to the surprise snowfall, we can all be appreciative of their efforts, and help out by driving safely.

As a heads up for this next week, my friend Rodney Davis always has some weather postings that I tune in to, and for this upcoming week he stated, “I’ll be closely watching a potential winter storm system for late next week sometime in the Thursday timeframe, give or take a day or so. There could be a variety of precipitation types from rain, to mixed precipitation to snow. All is dependent on the track of the low pressure and if cold air is in place.”

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