Boone County Commission rejected a request from the Ashland Optimists to help cover the $12,000+ loss from operating the community swim pool over the summer under current health restrictions.  The Boone County Commission had $21.1 million in CARES funding from the federal government, but received over $40 million in requests.  These funds are designated for activities and events that were negatively impacted by Covid-19, including health related activities.  According to Dan Atwill, Presiding Commissioner, the county “must attempt to accomplish the most good and achieve the most widespread effects for the greatest number of Boone County residents.”  The Optimists had submitted the grant with the justification being that the Ashland Optimist Community Pool offered the community a healthy, outdoors activity that promoted physical and mental health during a pandemic.  The Ashland Optimists and City of Ashland will now need to meet to discuss the financial loss of the pool, and future options.  

Last week involved the Ashland City Christmas “Reverse Parade”, which was on, then off, then on, etc..  There was a significant amount of confusion in communications with the Boone County Health Department and local city officials and event organizers.  But in the end, it was a “Go” and many enjoyed the Friday night event.  The City and Park Board will be looking at lessons learned and begin planning a process for future events.  You can read more about this series of events in today’s edition.  

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By Ernie Wren