By: Ernie Wren

“Do you know when the Optimist bingo games will start up?” This is a question I often receive, and here is the update I received this past weekend: “We are planning to restart Bingo on Sept. 23rd, but we are still looking for additional help in the kitchen, as well as in the Bingo window and on the floor. Our hope is to continue playing on the second and fourth Fridays of each month while we rebuild our teams.”  This is great news, as Optimist Bingo has been able to pump a lot of money into the community over the years that was earned at Bingo. How can you help? If you would like to consider being an Optimist member, let me know at .  You can also show up on a Bingo night and enjoy great food, and fun games in a smoke-free environment.

Speaking of fundraisers, the Hartsburg American Legion Post fried chicken dinner on Saturday was an enormous success.  There was a delicious country fried chicken dinner served, and plenty of friends to bend an ear with. There were a number of people wanting to know who made the delicious Texas sheet cake recipe as it truly was a delight! Turns out it was Debbie Berry, and her secret is in making her own buttermilk, something you are not likely to find in store-bought desserts. If you did not make it to this dinner, try to catch some of the best food in the area sometime as these are hosted regularly!

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