By: Ernie Wren

The big news this next week will be the Tuesday, April 5th local and county elections. I have grown to appreciate the advantages of being relatively “politics-free” in my articles, and I plan to remain as such. That said, here is a brief synopsis of what is on the ballot. First, the county and city both have proposals for a local use tax. This would be a new tax for residents to pay when making online out-of-state purchases. Residents would not be paying double taxes, but rather, a tax similar to the in-state sales tax. It was not popular in my opinion at first, but in conversation with local retailers, such as Laurie Dipietro from Top Quality Motors, County Commissioner Justin Aldred, and Ashland City Administrator Kyle Michel, I have grown to appreciate the fairness aspect of this proposal towards the brick-and-mortar businesses that donate and contribute to our community.

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