By: Ernie Wren

Recently I wrote about the proposed city budget for FY23. Currently that budget contains deficit spending -in other words, the expenses are higher than the revenues. Road project plans under this budget would be limited to Perry Ave. across the highway, with nothing dedicated to street repairs. In other words, no patches, no pothole repair, no repaving, zilch. This concerns me in that streets, much like homes, need regular ongoing maintenance or the repairs needed will only get more expensive and larger in scope. I’ve also seen some vandalism and/or damage to the new city park tennis courts where it looks like someone made about 20 dings through the new surface. Also recently, the park bathrooms had a door damaged from someone trying to get in (they had been pranked by having their bike locked inside), with kick marks on the damaged door. It is perhaps time to budget for park security cameras, along with setting real consequences for those found to be in violation. I hate to see it going this way, but fixing park damages are causing too many expenses to the city and ultimately, the taxpayers.Around Town

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