By: Ernie Wren

This week, if you drive by the large roundabout at Henry Clay & Broadway, you will notice the old River Regions bank is gone. The new facility is looking good, and the shelter with the stone front will be a great place for the farmer’s market. Parking is more than sufficient, and we’re looking forward to this spring! Speaking of farmer’s markets, in one month the Hartsburg Farmer’s Market will kick off as well. Downtown Ashland is getting revitalized with some new businesses coming in. As I have previously mentioned, the Dandy Lion on Main cafe is opening this week, right behind the tattoo shop at the corner of Broadway and Main. I also hear that the former Skyline Café will be renovated into a nice business/casual place for wine and drinks, and possibly an upper-level outdoors dining area. That would be a great contribution to a growing business market in this area. And if the rumors are true, a frozen yogurt shop in the old city hall across from my office would open with perfect timing for the summer!

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