By: Ernie Wren

I’m going to start this week’s edition with a big THANK YOU to all of you that have expressed sympathies, sent cards and/or flowers, or attended my father’s visitation last Friday. A loss in your family is always hard, but it helps to have the support of a great community. It also means a lot when Brian Sapp takes time off on his birthday to help with the proceedings along with his fellow Patriot Guard Riders. My father had a wonderful sendoff, with military honors and three rifle volleys. We really appreciate all the support from everyone. On Saturday, we attended the 12th Annual Mouse Races sponsored by 65010 Baseball, Inc. This was my first mouse race fundraiser, and I must say, it was quite a bit of fun! Watching the way in which the mice were cared for also made me feel good. Of the 10 races, Danna and I won five of them, with our winners being: Rothie Mertensmeyer, Jace Wren, Angell & Co. Insurance, James Brooks, and Damon Wren. The winners of the other five races were: Salter Lawn Service, Chase Morris, Bob McCosh Chevrolet, Mr. Sandless, and Bradley Smith. These are all just local player names and businesses assigned to the mice, but it really gets into the heart of what drives many of the activities in this area, which is local business support. I was lucky enough to win a drawing for a free haircut from LT’s Barbershop (which is great, as Lance is the one I trust with my GQ hair style, lol!), and a certificate from Top Quality Motors / Tire Pros, which is where I bought my last car. So, when you can, support the businesses that support our community.

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