By: Ernie Wren

The biggest news around town this last week was the rare occurrence of a homicide in Ashland on Friday, July 30th at the 100 block of Liberty Lane. Per the Ashland Police Department, two victims were transported to a local hospital in which one was pronounced dead. Since then, we have come to learn that a warrant for arrest has been issued for 19-year-old Robin Morales-Sanchez in the murder of Moises Hernandez-Sanchez. In addition to the murder, another stabbing victim received non-life-threatening injuries. Jose’ Jalapeños was closed over the weekend as they dealt with this tragedy. What I know about this situation is that the families of all involved are working through this tragedy. Jose and Megan have supported our community, participated in fundraisers and special events, and can use our prayers and support. These events are far and few in-between for Ashland, the last of which was a 2017 murder suicide of an engagement couple living on Nickman Rd. For those of us that have lived here a while, we can also remember the 1994 robbery murder in which a local bank executive was murdered by a male and female team. The two were fled and were killed during a shootout with police following the robbery.

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