This new year, 2021, we will ring in the new, but will also carry over old issues from the previous year.  One of the “old” issues that has long plagued our community are what options of recycling are supported.  In the results from a previous survey, support for curbside recycling was the top pick.  In a new survey, initiated December 21st, the majority of respondents indicated that they were not interested in curbside recycling.  The results of that survey were mostly focused on three aspects: using the new facility that was recently finished, adding more capacity with another dumpster, and continuing to enforce current ordinances by issuing tickets.  The city has provided an additional dumpster for this week, with some respondents calling on this to be a permanent fixture negotiated in the new contract.  Residents are also provided a natural Christmas tree recycling drop-off at the old recycling location this week up until January 31, 2021.  

As we move into the snowy part of the year, the staff at the City of Ashland would also like to remind residents that any basketball hoop or permanent structure of any kind within the Right of Way (ROW) is prohibited by ordinance. The City of Ashland therefore is not liable for damage to any basketball hoops/structures illegally placed in the right-of-way. The hoop can get caught in the plow trucks due to their height. The staff would appreciate the removal of any temporary basketball hoop/structure from the edge of the road when not in use, and more importantly, during snow storms where plowing of the roads is required.”

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By Ernie Wren