By:  Ernie Wren

Hartsburg, MO is probably best known locally for the annual “Pumpkin Festival” in October with the many different types of crafts and food, along with a fun parade, and thousands of participants. The mention of Hartsburg may also bring thoughts of enjoying live music and great food at “The Burg,” or a refreshing drink at the “Hitching Post.”  These are wonderful attractions in this small town, but there are many other adventures a family can enjoy in and around the Hartsburg community.

Hartsburg has a long history. Luther and Aurelias Hart purchased several hundred acres in the bottom lands and started farming there in 1870. About this time, they sold rights-of-way to the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (MKT) which now makes up the Katy Trail. In 1893 a railroad station named “Hart City” was established, and the town was officially incorporated as Hartsburg in 1901. The town has been continually improved upon by the Progressive Committee, with bi-annual fundraisers that helps the city purchase streetlights, pave roads, install Christmas decorations, upgrade the park, and handle other needs as they came along. ( According to the United States Census Bureau, which appears to vary from site to site, Hartsburg had a population of about 122 in 2011, and today hovers around 120.

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