Good Thinking By: Dr. Don Kuehle

United Methodist, Retired A little boy was asked, “What’s the difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?” Without hesitation he responded: “The presents don’t cost as much.” President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed, in 1914, that the second Sunday in May be observed as Mother’s Day. It wasn’t until 1972 that Father’s Day became a national holiday. Poor old dad! Edith Swanson wrote the truth when she said: “Ye can scarce pick up a paper an it’s Poet’s Corner greet, Cept ye’ll see a pretty poem ‘bout the mother saintly and sweet; But ye’ll have a time a-searchin’, eyes will be achin’ bad Ere ye’ll overtake a poem at this time for pore old dad!” We make a lot of fun about Father’s Day; but this year we’re going to say something good about pore old dad! There’s a lot to be said! A lot of good reasons why fathers are so important! God created Adam, Man, father. Adam was the first person to be given life. God created Man in his own divine image, a little more than an animal and just a bit lower than the angels. God placed this first father in Eden Garden, gave this Man the responsibility for tending God’s garden, tilling and cultivating so that the garden produced in abundance; God also gave Adam responsibility for naming all the newly-created animals. Adam was the first human; Eve was fashioned out of Adam and created to be his help-mate. Adam was the first father: Cain and Abel, plus other sons and daughters. God created men to be co-workers with Him; meant men to be good husbands and faithful fathers. Fathers have an example in Jesus Christ. Jesus is portrayed as the Bridegroom, and the Church is his Bride. So, a man is expected to love his wife as much as Christ loves his Church. Christ is the Head-of-the-Church. So, a man is expected to give leadership and direction to his family; fathers are to earn the respect and trust of wife and children. A husband is expected to share the responsibility for raising the children, and holding the family together in love. Fathers are to be an example of Godly mercy, grace and love. When Jesus described what God is like, he said: “God is like a father!” “Do not take one line from mother when ye write the soul-sweet song; But if there’s a word for father now and then, it won’t be wrong. Pole old soul! He’s bent and wrinkled and I know ‘twould make him glad, If while ye’re praisin’ mother something was said for pore old dad!” Fathers and mothers are equally important! Sometimes, however, fathers get over-looked and neglected. Yet, fathers have a unique role to play in God’s drama-of-life; no one in all creation can take their place or assume their God-given responsibilities! On this Father’sDay, say a good word to pore old dad! Love him and let him know he’s truly appreciated!