By: Frank Burkett

NATO versus United Nations. Listening to the chatter of the, soon to be 32 nations that make up NATO are showing their solidarity. NATO to me is a closer-knit organization than the U.N., in that one Nation can’t veto the voices of the other 31. NATO does require the approval of 100% of the members to allow a new member to join, of which I think is a better system than the U.N. has for membership. The principle of NATO is, that if any member of the organization is militarily attacked by one country it is an attack on the rest of the member nations. It has never been tested yet, as has been the UN. My hopes are that it will never be tested. It seems that our politicians just jump into fracas after fracas, but never does use all of our power to win the fracas. It seems the only time we wanted victory was against the Axis nations during WWII.

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