The holiday season is almost over and soon it will be time to take down the decorations and dispose of Christmas trees, packaging, wrapping and other items, including used or broken electronics. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has a few suggestions to help with disposing of these items this holiday season.

Electronics (e-cycling): Strings of lights and pre-lit trees can be recycled. Also, if you received new electronics and would like to dispose of old or broken items, consider these options:

Check the electronic manufacturer’s website for mail-back options, or check your electronics store for take-back options.

Consider repurposing items by adding memory or making upgrades to old devices. 

Donate used electronics to schools, nursing homes and other organizations that might need them for entertainment or training. Electronics manufacturers that sell products in Missouri usually have take-back programs in place. Check your local stores, libraries or electronic recyclers for recycling opportunities.

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