Hayden, ID, November 17, 2022 – As the sport of pickleball continues to surge in popularity, Selkirk Sport, the leading Pickleball equipment brand, today announced new endorsement deals with some of the brightest new stars in the sport.

  Dylan Frazier (Ashland, MO) and Parris Todd (Fort Myers, FL), both ranked in the Top 10 in singles, along with James Ignatowich (Del Ray Beach, FL) and Travis Rettenmaier (Tampa, FL), former tennis standouts who transitioned to pickleball, have joined Selkirk’s elite line-up of professional pickleball players. All four of these athletes participated in the upstart Major League Pickleball during the 2022 season.

  Selkirk Sport (www.selkirk.com), a family-owned business based in Hayden, Idaho, is at the forefront of Pickleball’s surge in popularity, while driving growth through product innovation, market leadership, philanthropic initiatives, Selkirk TV, Professional Tour sponsorship, and continuing to elevate the Company’s elite line-up of brand ambassadors.

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