By: Frank Burkett

We found that you don’t have to be qualified, for Joe Biden to pick his personnel to be appointed for high offices. Before he was elected, the prerequisite for his VP pick, was to be female and black. Sure enough, he picked about the least qualified person to be his Vice President, Kamala Harris, but she was a woman of color. Again, Joe stuck to his principles, when he promised to choose a woman of color for the Supreme Court. Well, a black person was chosen, but it backfired. Joe’s chosen person was asked to define woman, by TN Senator Marsha Blackburn. The answer by Supreme Court nominee Ketanji B. Jackson was, I am not a biologist. In other words she couldn’t or wouldn’t define woman. Definition is simple: Woman, an adult female. Joe, I don’t guess you picked a woman after all? I am not homophobic, but on any given day, some male or female decides they are the opposite gender, and bad things may happen. Some Liberal‘s support that agenda, and bad things could and have happen. Such as the Ashburn, Virginia Elementary transgender rape cover up case, that wasn’t hardly covered by most news media. Why you say? Answer, Political cover up.

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