By: Travis Naughton

For the first time in the 22 years that I have lived in Southern Boone County, I am ashamed of and embarrassed by the actions of our local school board. Last week, in the face of a huge increase in students and teachers testing positive for Covid-19 and/or being placed in quarantine, the Southern Boone School Board inexplicably voted to ban mask mandates in all of the district’s buildings. The board’s policy requiring mask-wearing for two weeks, when case numbers in any given building reach a threshold of at least 15% of students and staff infected and/or quarantined, had already been implemented in two buildings after just 13 school days, yet board members decided against implementing a stronger masking policy and instead opted to discard mask mandates entirely. You are reading that correctly. Rather than taking additional measures to keep our children and their educators safe, our school board instead removed existing safety protocols.

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