By: Charlotte Pisarek

I’m proud of the parents and patriots who protested. Shame on you Opinion writer. And others who think those parents should apologize for standing up for there children’s rights. I wish I would have seen more patriots out there protesting this mandate. It is there first amendment right to voice there opinion and those kids need to know why. The truth (The Facts). There doesn’t have to be fear but the truth to be told. I personally do not agree with the masks, they suppress your oxygen to the brain that is a fact. Do your own research. And the masks are not going to keep you from getting sick, they will hurt you in the long run. There will be more people getting sick because of these masks because you are breathing in your own carbon dioxide . Build up your immune system and take them darn masks off and live free. What happened to the flu last year ? Did it just disappear? Come on folks open your eyes ! where was the flu ?

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