By: Hura of Virginia

If you’re like many Americans, you are reeling at the events unfolding in the Middle East You’re probably asking yourself why did this happen? How could an attack like this come about so abruptly?

Our politicians would have you believe that this conflict started on Saturday Oct. 7th, 2023; however, if you sincerely care about the truth you will seek to understand the root cause of what is happening, not just what the media is depicting to us.

We have been told on repeat that “Israel has the right to defend itself.” However, to have an objective and intelligent dialogue, you need to ask yourself “what exactly is it defending itself from? Is this truly an unsolicited attack on an innocent state? Was this attack completely unprovoked?”

The simple answer is no. Palestine has undergone a brutal military invasion and occupation dating back to 1948. Israel, with the help of England, forcibly expelled an entire nation of people out of their existing homes, pushing them into exile.

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