By Cathy Salter

I awake at my usual early hour to find the sky still dark.  Sunrise is yet an hour away. The clocks have all been turned ahead to save light in anticipation of spring’s arrival. The March lion that roared with bluster just weeks ago has morphing into a gamboling lamb, eager to nibble on the sweet, green grass emerging following recent rains.  You can almost hear the garden growing.  Spring is happening that fast.

When temperatures reached the 60s accompanied by several days of intermittent rains, the landscape began to green before our eyes.  Gardens, lawns, glades and meadows were well fed, and the land’s internal clock began to spring forward. Run-off from the rains made their course underground into creeks, ravines, and ditches.  The natural slope of our meadow guided the rainwater to a narrow drainage channel between the shade garden and our south woods.  

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