By: Frank Burkett

Think back to the Obama Biden Administration’s handling of Russia vs. Crimea. Crimea wanted defensive weapons, Obama and Biden sent blankets. Russia annexed Crimea. Seeing as how Ukraine relinquished their nuclear arsenal in 1994, so their country could join the Treaty on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, I bet they now are having second thoughts. In doing that, they were left vulnerable to the Russian invasion, that is happening now. What in the world is our president doing? Sending his Vice President, Kamala Harris, to Europe for assessing and investigating our, the U.S.’s role, in providing aircraft to the country of Ukraine. So embarrassing for America, when on National TV, she was asked a serious question on the Ukraine refugee situation. Here comes her cackling trademark laugh, as she looks around for help answering the simple question. Remember she was handpicked, supposedly, by this pitiful excuse for a leader of the free world, Joe Biden. How long can the Democratic Party, put up with this person, holding such an important office as the president of the United States? Surely they are aware, that their lives are in his hands too. But the choice for VP has tied their hands, because having Biden to step down, look who would step in, Kamala Harris.

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