By: Dr. Don Kuehle

We all know the old old story of the Virgin Mary. How an Angel announced to her that she would become pregnant by the God’s Holy Spirit. Mary was engaged to a prominent citizen of Nazareth, Joseph; they were not yet married, so the unborn child would be regarded as illegitimate. When the gossip spread around town, a representative of the local Planned Parenthood paid Mary a visit: “We understand your predicament; we can offer you a solution — have an abortion.” Plus, members of the Women’s Rights group came to remind Mary that she had every “right” to an abortion since she, as a woman, had the final say over her body. So, what if Mary had yielded to the culture-pressure? What if she had consented to an abortion? WHAT IF Mary had not followed the Angel’s announcement? Jesus would not have been born. The invisible God would not have become visible. There would have been no Christ, no Christmas, no Crucifixion, no Resurrection, no Church, no Hope.

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