By: Frank Burkett

Unemployment. The numbers just don’t add up in my mathematical mind. We now have 18.3 million collecting weekly unemployment payments. The official count by the government of unemployed is 10.1 million. That is a difference of 8.2 million. The government Labor Board that has put out a 4.2 % unemployment rate, sounds false to me. A 15 year old can smell the fish in those numbers. Another four million plus, left their jobs in August, so what status are they? How does the Labor Department, of highly paid employees headed by a cabinet member, Marty Walsh, hand picked by Joe Biden and vetted by Congress, then be appointed as Labor Secretary? He left a $200,000 job to take over the reins, so I assume his salary is more than that. When questioned about the low quarterly employment numbers, he like many in the Biden Administration, go back to their old standby, Covid-19 to get our minds off of growing inflation and people out of work. There are a of lot falsehoods passed onto the American people, by this Democratic Administration.

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