By: John Grimaldi

The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] partnered with the American Constitutional Rights Union [ACRU] in a collaboration aimed at protecting the rights of senior citizens, particularly their voting rights. The ACRU’s Executive Director, a retired U.S. Army veteran and former congressman, Lt. Col. Allen West, joined AMAC CEO, Rebecca Weber, in a recent interview on her Better For America podcast. The ACRU was established some 25 years ago, and its founding board included Ed Meese, President Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General, and Robert Carlstrom, President Reagan’s State Director of Social Welfare.

  Colonel West explained that the ACRU’s mission is to protect “the God-given rights outlined in the U.S. Constitution.” It was created as “a counterbalance to the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU, which is a leftist organization.” He exclaimed that when he thinks about the partnership with the Association for Mature American Citizens, he thinks about all of the great AMAC members who are also veterans. What the ACRU wants to do “is [create a synergy], because as I tell people, the oath that you took to the Constitution never ends. It has no statute of limitations.”

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