In the eight years that Michelle Obama graced the White House as First Lady, her mission was to encourage kids to eat healthier.  In 2009, the first lady and students from DC’s Bancroft Elementary School broke ground for the first White House Kitchen Garden since Eleanor Roosevelt championed Victory Gardens during the Second World War.  The event landed Mrs. Obama’s initiative on the front page of both The Washington Post and The New York Times and made international news.

by Cathy Salter

Her effort to teach children better eating habits by helping them understand where food comes from was not a new idea, but it struck a chord with food-conscious Americans concerned about the spiking growth rate in obesity and juvenile diabetes. While at the White House, Mrs. Obama’s eat healthier efforts was part of her “Let’s Move” initiative. She also promoted a global approach to empowering young people and founded the Girls Opportunity Alliance to promote education.

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