Does your auto mechanic make house calls? I’m not talking about a repair shop or dealership sending a tow truck to your house and bringing your vehicle back to their place of business. I mean, does your mechanic come to your house to work on your car or truck in order to make life a little less inconvenient for you?

Travis Naughton

Mine does. 

Allen Beckett, a well-respected mechanic and Ashland native, has been working on my vehicles since my wife and I moved to Southern Boone County in 1999. (A tip of the cap to Randy and Terry, who have also taken care of my automotive needs in the past.) Most of the time, I drive my cars to Allen’s shop—an insulated, heated, and air-conditioned Quonset hut featuring two hydraulic lifts and a better sound system than many concert venues I’ve been to—where he and his business partner Matt Old work their magic. 

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