By: Frank Burkett

The other day while listening to our local station’s talk show, The Round Table, and they accept call ins. The topic was Electric Vehicles, i.e. EV. The commentators were discussing charging stations being placed in strategic places throughout Columbia, and the time needed to fully charge an EV. A caller called in, and I could tell he was hooked on EV ’s, but being Liberal, he was wanting to hook the rest of us too. The talk got into the time it took to recharge the battery. He wanted people to think it took the same as filling a tank with gasoline. For from the truth, when he said it took his friend in an EV Volkswagen, eight minutes to charge. If Liberal Google is right, a quick charge will take 30 minutes, a full charge 10 hours. I have no problem with those that own an EV, or a Hybrid. What I do mind is, citizens of the U.S. owning combustion engine, i.e. CI, pay taxes for roads that EV owners use. On top pf that, EV buyers get incentives for their purchase, and receive tax breaks of $7500 for the auto, and $1000 for charging equipment. Sounds like a win, win to me, for EV owners.

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