By: Cathy Salter

In life, exploring new territory can be both an opportunity and a daunting challenge. For months, Kit and I have been downsizing in preparation for a life-changing move to California where we first met in 1977. As spring began to show its colors in the Midwest, we packed up possessions that were coming with us and found wonderful homes for books, art and furniture that we chose to share with friends and the community. By April 14, Boomerang Creek was no longer ours. As if erased from a chalkboard, the contents of every room of the house and studio stood empty. It was finally time to go. Our journey began a month ago on a beautiful spring afternoon filled with promise. As has been our habit since our first cross-country road trip in 1978, we had no reservations or certainty as to where we would end up each night. As a farewell to Missouri, we followed Hwy 63 north from Columbia to Hwy 36, then drove west to Joplin, following I-29 north to the Iowa border. Before long, we crossed over into Nebraska and followed a slice of state highway up to I-80 and Lincoln where we stopped for the night. For the next three days, I-80 was our pathway to CA.

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