By: Frank Burkett

My previous LTTE, was mainly about our president’s war on petroleum, and his continuing war on coal, that he and his extremist following has waged against, much longer. The 22 countries that was part of the G-20 economic summit, had three or more issues on the agenda, and sustainable renewable energy was high on the list. Most heads of those countries all arrived in Jet planes, and then met by a string of gas guzzling SUV’s, for transporting them to elitist hotels. Probably used diesel vehicles, for delivering their luggage. Then onto a feast of fine cuts of beef, by those hypocrites. The climate change extremists abhor our beef industry, as they blame the bovines with their flatulent and other bodily discharges, to warming the planet. Those hypocrites want beef and other animals that we use for food, to be replaced with vegetable substitutes. We already have many substitutes now. Why didn’t those hypocrites use the substitutes?    

Many of those same hypocrites traveled to Egypt for a COP27 meeting in the same fossil fueled propelled jet planes, then a replica of what transpired at the G-20 summit. Guess what for? It was a meeting of dunderheads, to reducing carbon footprints, in the fight against global warming. An agreement was struck by the U.S., EU, and a handful of others to establish a fund for payouts to developing countries. In essence, give those countries financial aid not to construct coal or other fossil fuel power plants. But you know, that is exactly what they need to improve the development of their country, Electricity. It would help reduce poverty, improve health and education, and also improve productivity of their agriculture and natural resources. Presently and for decades, cities in those developing countries produce their power with portable generators or large stationary generators powered with petroleum derivatives‘.

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