By: Frank Burkett

Illegal’s storming our Southern border, and Governors Greg Abbott TX, and Ron DeSantis FL is asking the immigrants where they want to go in the U.S., after they have been properly processed. Perhaps they were coached some, but Ron DeSantis recently, has sent a plane load of 50 to Cape Cod. Finally networks and cable channels have mentioned illegal’s, after a few busloads were sent to some northeastern states. Others in the mass media mentioned it also, but in a negative blast, by saying the GOP Governors are using the migrants as political pawns. The sending of illegal’s to sanctuary cities has even reached the WH, and gotten the attention of president Joe Biden. I caught the word he used, but so far I haven’t heard anything out of the press or any other media mentioning that word, BURDEN. Hypocrite Joe Biden expressed his displeasure with Governors Abbott and DeSantis by saying, their actions are putting a BURDEN on New York, Chicago, DC, and now Cape Cod, by stretching their resources to the maximum. Not once mentioning the border cities, states, and private property owners, being over run by illegal’s, and the BURDENS those communities and ranchers are under. Also the Border Patrol officers are overburdened too. Remembering the mounted BP reining their horses and were accused of whipping illegal’s, but especially those of color. Maxine Waters accused them of whipping the illegal’s, like the overseers did the slaves. President Biden convicted the BP ‘s, and wanted to fire them on the spot. Finally explaining the incident to Joe Biden, a compromise was reached.

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