By: Frank Burkett

Now, we see again, how anemic the United Nations organization is. The country of Ukraine was a member while under the thumb of the USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, and now is a member of the UN while being an emancipated sovereign country. Donald Trump had some great ideas about weakening the four permanent members, of having veto status over the other 192 nations, but all he accomplished, was to make the other nations pony up their share of financing the UN. There are 196 Nations in the world, and all but three are members. There are discussions about Taiwan being a nation, but so for, several other nations won’t recognize it as a nation. It is because some of those nations are friends with China, others don’t want to upset Chairman Xi. The 192 countries are mostly at the mercy of those original four countries that Chartered the UN. Take for instance what is happening in the Ukraine at the present. No way, can we get all the nations belonging to the UN that are sympathetic with the Sovereign Nation of Ukraine, to come legally to their aid militarily. Why? Because Russia has veto power. Oh yes, all nations can provide financial, or send lethal weapons to bolster the Ukraine military‘s defense of their nation, but aren’t about to send troops. I guess, we as well as others, could just jump in with our military, but it would just escalate things, then perhaps WWIII would begin, unless maybe it already has

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