By: Frank Burkett

I wonder if those that voted for Pinocchio and Madam not a clue, POTUS Joe Biden and VPOTUS Kamala Harris, are satisfied that they did the right thing? Are they, and we better off now, than we were in the Trump years? POTUS loves to play the blame game, pointing fingers everywhere but at himself. VPOTUS was appointed border Czar, but illegal’s keep surging across the border, and bringing with them dangerous, damning drugs. Remember, there was a poll taken, and the result was 60% plus that said, if Hunter Biden’s laptop were exposed, instead of suppressed by the FBI the presidential election would have had different results. Ask yourself, if you were aware of the Joe Biden family involvement in the foreign financial scandal, would you have changed your vote? If you were a died in the wool Democrat, no you wouldn’t, but if you were an undecided voter, you probably would have.

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