By: Frank Burkett

Why do the Democrats allow an open border, and allow thousands which turns into millions of illegal’s, that has to be cared for. They will be cared for as well as our common citizens. But they will be cared for, better than our homeless, which some of those homeless are Veterans. Remember folks they put their life on the line, for those same Democrats. Do any of those Liberals, in state government, that pass by the homeless living in tents on the sidewalks of Los Angeles, Oakland, Washington and San Francisco have plans to help them. My guess is, that none visit those places. You know, “out of sight, out of mind”. Here is the contrast, of the illegal’s versus the American citizens that I just mentioned. Down at the Southern Border the illegal’s, when apprehended, are put in air conditioned buses, then transported to air conditioned hotels. From there, they are distributed to mostly Red states in the secretive dark hours of the night. I am not making this up, because it has been reported by our military, to Fox News. Flights for illegal’s will be operated by ICE Agents in Del Rio, TX assisted by the U.S. military. Lt. Col. Matthew Burrow, from a military base in Del Rio, TX, instructs personnel at the base to keep the operation under wraps, also no photographs, or posting of anything on social media either. If anyone asks about this operation, Col. Barrow’s says, refer them to public affairs. All is funded with taxpayer dollars. That is the only thing that the illegal’s and the homeless, that I mentioned have in common. All are funded by tax dollars. Though it seems, our own get the short end of the stick.

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