By: Dr. Don Kuehle Fall is here.

The trees are dressed in their colorful garb: green and orange and yellow and gold. Fall reminds us that this world is a place of beauty. Fall reminds us of what is most important in life; and of what is not important. January 1848! Gold is discovered at Sutter’s Fort, California! The news travels back across the country. 1849! The Gold Rush begins! People left everything in their rush to find gold! Why the “rush”? They wanted to be the first ones to stake their claim, and to find the gold. They wanted to get the gold before anyone else laid claim to it. Why was “gold” so important to people? The mid-1880’s were troubled times: the country was in an economic slump; businesses were closing; people had lost their jobs; there was no solution in sight. Gold was the answer to all their problems.

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