By: Frank Burkett

This should have been the most embarrassing moment, for a President of the United States, EVER. But our President Joe Biden, seems to think the evacuation of thousands of Afghans, Americans and other unknown persons, put a feather in his cap. Not only did the president raise the white flag in surrender, but he blamed his predecessor. When questioned about the chaotic turmoil, and the onus being on him, Joe Biden steps up to the plate and says, as the Commander in Chief of our military the buck stops here, but with a caveat. “But you do know, former President Donald Trump locked me into the withdrawal, when he made a deal with the Taliban to withdraw from hostilities in Afghanistan on May 1, 2021.” Joe, pray tell your countrymen, why didn’t you withdraw on May 1 then? Another thing Joe, there was an omission that was made by the press and yourself, about Trump’s Afghanistan and Taliban May 1 deal. Soon after Trump‘s deal, with the Taliban, they reneged. President Trump sent missiles there way, on two different occasions. In essence, both Trump and the Taliban pulled out of the deal, so fess up Joe, the debacle belongs to you. Other rascals deserve credit for embarrassing America too.

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