By: Robert Miller

January 6th, 2021 was not any random day. The Congress of the United States of America was not about its ordinary daily business. That day, it was performing its Constitutional duty of certifying the delegate count from all 50 states to ascertain the next President of the United States. Not a pivotal day from historical perspectives, it had been done many times before, with barely a mention in the news reports. But this day was different. People who did not like the results of the election were invited to Washington D.C. on that specific day for a “wild” time and attempted to disrupt the Constitutional proceedings taking place. Although, I did look up the definition of “insurrection” from seven different sources before I found one that mentioned “arms” I won’t call them insurrectionists if you prefer. These invitees had only brass knuckles, hockey sticks, baseball bats, crutches, bear spray, tasers, beefed up cattle prods, and poles with the American flag still attached at their disposal in forcing their way past an overwhelmed police presence, to the doors of the seat of democracy, our Nations Capitol.

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