(Letter to the Editor)

A middle-aged father, husband and entrepreneur, Daniel Stuart Olmes is just an ordinary guy. Yet, as he attests, “I’m able to live an extraordinary life.” In Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy: The Everyday Experiences that Changed My Life (Post Hill Press; January 2023; Paperback; ISBN: 9781637587317), Olmes shares his awakening to the amazing world around us — and within us — through stories about the small moments and chance interactions with other ordinary people that have brought him to a fuller understanding of what it means to be alive and why he was born.

  “Every day, we encounter things that can inspire us to see the world a little differently, to take pause, to learn something new, or even to recognize the Divine,” Olmes reflects. “They can be a person, a memory, a character in a book, seven miles of asphalt, or even a can of Coke. They are anything and everything, and their gifts are many: a new perspective, a sense of peace, an important lesson, or perhaps a glimpse at another level of our being. They’re a delicate reminder that there’s always something beautiful to see, always something important to learn, and always a better way to live — a better version of ourselves.”

  In Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy, Olmes presents a collection of short stories — all true events from his life — to not only chart his spiritual progression but also to inspire readers to find a new road to happiness. Along the way, he offers seven simple but powerful lessons:

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