(Letter to the Editor)

New Year’s Resolution Disillusion: ‘Gut Check’ Diet & Fitness Survey Reveals Pessimism Reigns Supreme

  Woman_help sign-LO.jpgRecent research  continues to suggest that people typically “give up” pursuing their New Year’s resolutions within the first month, with fully two-thirds of people abandoning these pursuits even before January month end. Statistics like this present year in and year out, which can be confounding given the untold millions of people who are emphatic, and genuinely well-intended, with the promises they’ve made to themselves to kick start a fresh trip around the sun.

  As we enter 2023, it seems that resolution pessimism endures amid the results of a new  “gut check” diet resolutions poll from wellness gamification pioneer HealthyWage—the world’s leading purveyor of money-driven diet contests and challenges for individuals, teams and corporate wellness groups that, to date, has paid more than $52 million cash rewards for a collective 3.6 million pounds lost.

  Man looking in empty refridgerator-LO.jpgPerhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of respondents (53.07%) intend to resolve to lose weight or increase their fitness level in 2023. Gloomy poll results further reveal that the vast majority of New Year’s resolution-makers (fully 86.67%) believe they will not stick to it and fail to accomplish their goal—with a decidedly frank 14.95% indicating there’s “not a chance” of them succeeding with it.

  Among the 82.88% of folks who indicated they have made some kind of resolution in the past, those intentions have often proven futile—and shockingly fast with an unfortunate 21.08% going by the wayside in the first two weeks of January, pushing up to 39.42% in just the first 1-2 months of the New Year. The primary culprit? Nearly one-third (31.53%) cite “lack of willpower” as their point of peril, with nearly the same amount of respondents (30.63%) blaming a “lack of motivation” for their resolution dissolution.

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