By: Ernie Wren
Wednesday Nov. 15th: National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (which for me is typically most nights after 8pm, or during any football gametime)- This could also be called the “sniff test” on leftovers, so check expiration dates!

Thursday Nov. 16th: National Use Less Stuff Day- This was created to help us “de-clutter” the house prior to the holiday shopping season. This would be a great opportunity to look for items you can donate to the new “Free Store” of Helping Hands downtown, especially nice toys and household items that those in need can use as gifts.

Friday Nov. 17th: National Unfriend Day (cut out toxic people)- I heartily recommend cutting off or minimizing contact with those that “are not happy unless they’re unhappy.” Life is short, live your best.

Saturday Nov. 18th: Family Volunteer Day- This doesn’t even have to be an “organized” event, just grab some gloves, go to the park or Optimist grounds, and pick up trash, or volunteer to fold clothes at the “Free Store” downtown. It’s a great way to reinforce as a family that helping others is wonderful.

Sunday Nov. 19th: National Men’s Day- Appropriately hosted on an NFL Sunday afternoon, celebrate the men in your life by making them a treat or sending them out to do some hunting/fishing. Appreciate those men (husbands/friends) that make life good.

Monday Nov. 20th: National Pay Back Your Parents Day- Isaac, Anna, Jillian, and Alex take note! Parents typically don’t want money, just your time to visit or perhaps put up the Christmas lights! Anything special will be appreciated by parents everywhere.

Tuesday Nov. 21st: National Entrepreneur’s Day- To all of the entrepreneurs and business owners that survived the pandemic and are still in business today, THANK YOU! Show your support of local entrepreneurs and businesses whenever you can.