By: Frank Burkett

To adapt, occurs many times a day for species of animals and vegetation, and it will continue to do so for eons. For me working at Pepsi for 40 years, my body had to adapt to temperatures of extreme cold, and in summertime extreme heat. Think of the earth warming annually, and that is my point. All animal life, vegetation, creatures of the oceans, insects of all kinds, perhaps diseases, and etc, will at sometime, have to adapt in order to exist. Some species will grow extinct, other specimens will thrive, new species will emerge but life will go on. When the earth begins cooling, which it will, the same will occur. The oceans will rise from global warming, and also by displacement of water from objects entering the seas. Fill your tub half way with water. Sit in the water, then watch. The depth of the water increases, and like your body in the bathtub, those huge vessels will increase the depth of the oceans. One vessel will not do much, but just think of the billions of metric tons of ships in the world, plus their billions metric tons of cargo they carry. Think of the many that has sunk in wars or storms, then we have reproduction of sea life. Man produces islands, or islands will be formed by nature. Then we have erosion, increase in ice at the Poles, also the melting of ice at the Poles. Volcanic eruptions under the oceans, plus those on land add millions of metric tons of debris to the oceans, thus again more water displacement. I have researched on displacement of oceanic water, due to objects being added to all the seas around the world. The scholars of the world came to the conclusion that displacement of water, by any and all means, does and will raise the water level of the oceans. How much in depth isn’t known, but none the less, it does increase the depth.

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